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Bonus Gear

Extra gear for comfort

Some extra gear can make for a fun and memorable bushwalk – these items will add extra weight, so choose wisely!

  • Camera – for taking photos of the group or wildlife.
  • Binoculars – for examining the landscape or wildlife.
  • Cooking equipment (billy and stove) or thermos – for that nice cuppa half way through the walk.
  • Foam mat to sit on at lunch – can make the lunch stop a bit more comfortable.
  • Cards – for entertainment on the way home or over lunch.
  • Spare clothes and snacks for journey home (to leave in car).
  • Walking poles – some people find these ease the pressure on the knees (particularly on steep sections).
  • Notebook & pencil – useful to take down numbers and details of the group or for use in an unexpected situation.
  • Swimmers & towel – if the walk goes near a nice swimming hole!
  • Pack cover – protects against rain.
  • Gaiters & gloves – additional protective clothing.
  • Lip balm – to prevent lips getting chapped.

Download our Day Walk Gear Checklist.