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About Us

The National Parks Association of NSW is a non-government conservation group and bushwalking club. Every year we run over 1000 bushwalks and outdoor activities around NSW. We are a team of enthusiastic bushwalkers with a passion for conservation. We want to help more people get outdoors and enjoy the benefits of natural places. We love helping people explore NSW’s beautiful natural places because we believe that people protect what they love.

Writer: Helen Smith
Helen joined the NPA team late in 2015 after completing her PhD in ecology and conservation at the University of Sydney. She has extensive ecological fieldwork and bushwalking experience around Australia and the world. More recently, she and Matt have begun a project to improve access to natural places for people with mobility restrictions.

Design & Web: Eva Gomišček
Eva is a mother of two who loves exploring natural places. She has a fantastic eye for design and has been been responisble for managing the content on the website.

Project Manager: Matt McClelland
Matt is the Activities Program coordinator at NPA NSW. Matt has more than a decade of experience working in the bushwalking community, has authored 4 bushwalking books and represented the bushwalking community in public forums and to government. He is also the owner of Wildwalks, an online resource for on-track walking in NSW.